Nevado Maria Haumantita (aka Jampa, Campa, Qampa) 5,500m 3D/2N


Jampa, also spelled Campa and Qampa, is the easiest, most popular mountain in Cusco and may be climbed without experience in mountaineering. It requires a glacier hike and sometimes a small rock climbing pass depending on the season. The summit offers a panoramic view that reaches to Salkantay over 200km to the NW.

The itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 Cusco – Pacchanta
We leave Cusco at noon in an express van and arrive to Tinqui in the afternoon. From there we take a taxi to the herding community of Pacchanta (4236m) and spend the night in a local house close to geothermal baths.
Day 2 Pacchanta - Base Camp (4900m)
At 8am we start our trek to base camp with our arriero carrying the equipment on a horse. The trail (9km) passes through several green-blue lagoons at the foot of Nevado Ausangate and arrives at base camp close to the Jampa Pass (5100m).
Day 3 Summit – Pacchanta - Cusco
We wake up at 3:30am and leave the tent by 4am. Arriving at the summit by 7am we can enjoy the views for an hour or so before returning to base camp for breakfast. After breakfast we will walk back to Pacchanta and go to the thermal baths for a couple hours. Then we will go by car back to Cusco.

Included in the trip:

  • Transportation
  • Expedition & Climbing Equipment (Tents, Crampons, Ice Axe, Harness, Helmet, etc.)
  • Food (Lunch Day 1 to Lunch Day 3)
  • 1 High Mountain Guide per 3 clients
  • Arriero & Horse Service

You will need

  • clothing for cold and rain
  • waterproof hiking boots
  • headlamp
  • backpack
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • sleeping bag
  • mattress

Although no mountaineering experience is required you should be in good physical condition and acclimatized (3 days in Cusco). You will need cold weather clothing and some type of rain protection clothing is recommended. A good pair of hiking boots (waterproof) is required and will be fit with our adjustable crampons.

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