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Ashley Farrell, 24

London, UK

'I had a wonderful time climbing Ausangate with Nathan and his team at sky high andes in May 2012 - we received excellent support in terms of planning, logistics and tuition. Nathan was hugely knowledgeable, friendly and we developed a good rapport within the team from the beginning.

The climb went smoothly and the food was excellent. I would recommend Nathan and his team to anyone who wants to leave the typical tourist trails and wishes to experience climbing in the Andes to the full.'

Adam Restoule and Jennifer Comacchio

Ottawa, Canada

“When my wife and I decided on a trip to Peru, we knew we didn’t want the average everyday tour. We wanted to see and do things that other tourists wouldn’t get the chance to experience. Sky High Andes definitely made that happen. Our guide Nathan was incredibly accommodating and very knowledgeable of the local customs and history.

We did the Salkantay Extreme and Nevado Ausangate tours and had a blast! We got to trek through the sweltering jungles and climb snow-capped mountains. It was an unforgettable experience and I’d recommend Sky High Andes to anyone looking for adventure.”

Dave Milton

Edinburgh, Scotland

“It was my first time in the Andes with SkyHigh. Also the first time I’d been to Peru or South America for that matter. If I had to sum up the experience; absolute bomber!

I’ve travelled and climbed on most of the continents. Also am involved in adventure travel for a living so like to think I’ve seen my fair share. Nathan and the SkyHigh guides went above and beyond what you’d expect; really really very good at the ‘personalized’ service.

Even after a couple of days it felt like we were climbing with mates, rather than a tour company. That said though; things still stayed very professional. Everyone knew exactly what they were doing in terms of the climbing and also a huge depth of knowledge about local customs, culture and the environment.

If you’re wondering whether to choose SkyHigh… my parting word would simply be – next time I go back to Peru (and I will) I’ll be contacting Nathan and the guys before I even worry about booking my flights!!

Nick Engl

Buffalo, NY, USA

A friend and I went down to Cuzco in June 2010 to do some trekking and climbing in the Ausangate area. Nathan was an extremely accommodating host and guide. The hostel where we stayed had everything we needed along with an amazing view of the city.

Neither of us spoke any Spanish, so it was a great help to have an American guide fluent in the local language. After acclimating to the altitude and seeing Cuzco for a few days we began our adventure. An unbelievably scenic ride led us to the small Quechua community of Pachanta, where a meal and a bed were made available before we set out for Nevado Ausangate. The trek was challenging and rewarding. So rewarding in fact that I returned in June of 2012 to tackle Salkantay! These two trips were the most amazing bit of traveling I have ever done, and Nathan and the rest of the team at Sky High Expeditions really made you feel that you were in good hands while on the mountain. No body is going to hold your hand when you’re up there, but I never second guests the teams skills or decisions. I highly recommend this agency if you want to see the real Peru beyond the Inca trail.

Danielle Dubois


I had some great adventures with Sky High expeditions. My favorite place is Pachanta close to the Ausangate, the highest mountain of Cusco. The nature is so beautiful and pure. Nice lagunes and the land filled with the alpacas and the traditional people. Still a quiet place with a few tourist, and most of them just do the hike what is great too. With Sky High I made it to the summit (6384 meter) of the Ausangate. Wow, I never thought I could made it, but thanks to the strong guides i did it! The highest peak i climbed in my life and such a great views on the way. The view from the top is stunning! This makes me addicted to climb more.

A beautiful climb, not to technical but the long day makes it to an experience I never forget. For me the most fiscal thing I did in my life so far. And i loved it! If you have time to visit the Ausangate go for it! Sky high makes it an adventure you will never forget. They will get you op there and feed you really good too ;)

Do you want to do something different on the way to Machu Picchu? Then I can recommend Salkantay extreme form Sky High expeditions. This is a fantastic new route what leads you over a pass from the salkantay over the snow. From the glacier there is a drop what leads you into a amazing valley. The views are spectacular. Behind your back the snowy peaks and down in the valley the jungle.

Waterfalls all over the place and the campsites are like a film set. I was feeling like being part of a movie by being in this place. What makes it even better is that there are no other tourists or people in this valley, so just you and the group.

You sleep one night at the inca ruins and i was feeling so special by having that opportunity. I wish I could stay there for a while. From there you drop down in the jungle, wow every day a different environment, from the snow, to the highlands and inca ruins and then the green like coffee smelling jungle. Hard to get back to civilization and leave this beauty behind and i miss the food what they cooked. Maybe i should go back soon. This trip is for people who like some adventure. The second day is tuff, but so worth doing!

Capt. Peter Gordijn

Apache Pilot, Royal Netherlands Air Force

Salkantay Extreme:

A very special mountain experience. Hard work in the cold morning climbing snow and ice to cross the 5000 meter high pass on the shoulder of the beautiful rough Salkantay mountain. But the hard work is worth it: you will enter a valley where you will be

completely on your own. Nobody else goes there. We enjoyed amazing campsites and slept in old Inca ruins. It gave me a special feeling to be there. After the ruins you will continue to descent into the valley and walk through the jungle. It was strange to go back to civilization. I was homesick for the ruins, I loved that place. Being all alone in the mountains brings me closer to the simple essence of living. Forget the normal stress and just walk, eat, sleep, watch and enjoy the view.

Machu Picchu was a place that I had to see, crowded with tourists, but still a very special place. Normal hike trail, snow and ice, rappels, rough moraine, all alone in the valley, beautiful campsites, old Inca ruins, jungle, etc. Salkantay Extreme has it all. If you are up for a challenge and like a little bit of danger, this is your best trip to Machu Picchu! This is a trip that you will always remember!

Emmanuel Angrand

Sudbury, Canada

We did the Salkantay Base Camp Trek to Machu Picchu as well as climbed Nevado Ausagante in August 2012. The weather was perfect.

The first trek was a great way to prepare for Ausagante as well as offered great views and different ecosystem. We were also one the few groups who made to the summit of Ausagante during the season.

Both treks also provided us with the possibility of meeting locals, eating traditional foods and learning about the area. This was really a trip that I will remember for a long time. Thanks to our guide, Nathan, for making all of this possible.

Sky Hight Expeditions