Vilcanota Circuit Trek 7D/6N


This is a new trekking option in the Ausangate, Cordillera Vilcanota area. Instead of going around the Ausangate massif like the normal circuit trek, this goes around the more remote Callangate and Tres Picos massifs to the north. The trek is a bit harder than the normal trek but the experience is much better. The route goes very close to the big glaciers of the range, and also visits the most impressive lagoons like Sibinacocha and Singrenacocha. The route can also be done in reverse to the itinerary below.


The itinerary:

Day 1: Cusco - Pacchanta (4,300m)
The first day we leave Cusco at 9am and arrive to Pacchanta in the afternnon where we stay at my Compadre Luis’ house.
Day 2: Pacchanta – Abra Jampa (5,050m) – Suyrucochapampa (4,500m)
We hike to the first pass 4-5 hours, then down the other side for 2 hours.
Day 3: Suyrucochapampa – Abra Huayrurupuncu (5,300m) – Murmurani (4,900m)
In the morning we hike the second pass of Huayrurupuncu (5,300m) with incredible views of Ausangate and Tres Picos in 4-5 hours. From this pass it is only a short 200m more to climb to the summit of Nevado Huayrurupuncu (5,500m) which does not need mountain equipment, you can do this if you have additional energy. Once we cross the other side we can see the massive lake Sibinacocha spread out below us, where we will descend to camp by its shore.
Day 4: Murmurani – Headwaters of Sibinacocha (5,000m)
Day four is an easy day of 4-5 hours walking along the lake to reach its headwaters below the large glacier of Nevado Chumpe.
Day 5: Headwaters – Abra Chumpe (5,400m) - Huayrurumicocha (5,000m)
This day we cross the highest pass of the trek where there used to be a glacier only 5 years ago. Then we descend a bit to a lagoon and the impressive cirque of peaks that surround it.
Day 6: Huayrurumicocha – Mullucocha (4,600m)
The last two days are relatively easier, only 4-5 hours of trekking each. This day we travel over moraines to a protected campsite next to a few lagoons in between the Callangate and Colque Cruz massifs.
Day 7: Mullucocha – Marampaki (4,200m) – Cusco
After breakfast we hike out above Lake Singrenacocha and descend to where the car will pick us up to go back to Cusco.

Included in the package:

  • Transportation (Cusco to Pacchanta & Marampaki to Cusco)
  • All group camping equipment and tents
  • Guide
  • Cooks/Arrieros and horse service (will carry all expedition and personal gear)
  • Food from Lunch Day 1 until Lunch Day 7.
  • Entrance to zone & thermal baths

You will need

  • clothing for cold and rain
  • waterproof hiking boots
  • headlamp
  • sleeping bag
  • backpack
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen

A client should be acclimatized (at least 3 days in Cusco) and in good physical condition. You should have a good backpack and pair of trekking boots (waterproof), along with clothing for rain, cold and hot climates. There are no climbing elements involved but rugged terrain is crossed and unnecessary risks should not be taken.

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