Cusco city, celebration of Inti Raymi, Vacation, tours and tripsCusco city, celebration of Inti Raymi, Vacation, tours and trips

Cusco City – Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu

4 Days / 3 Nights

The Complete Cusco Tour Package is the easiest way to visit all the important attractions with everything included. Our private tour service is based from years of experience living in the city of Cusco and knowing where travelers will have an authentic, comfortable and no hassle experience. This is as much a gastronomic tour, as well as cultural, the perfect trip to the city of Cusco and Machu Picchu with all the highlights you are looking for!

Majestic Huayna Picchu peak rises out of Machu Picchu buildingsMajestic Huayna Picchu peak rises out of Machu Picchu buildings

Visit Machu Picchu by Train

2 Days / 1 Night

Machu Picchu is the most famous attraction in Peru. Surely high on the bucket list for any traveler to see this rediscovered lost city in the Andes mountains. Machu Picchu is actually lower in altitude and warmer than Cusco, which makes it a great side trip or ultimate destination for your time in Peru.

The quickest way to see Machu Picchu is by taking the train, no hiking required! We set up everything you need to have a comfortable, no hassle experience.

A rope team arrives to the summit of Campa peakA rope team arrives to the summit of Campa peak

Climb Campa (5,500m/18,040ft)

Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights
Level: Basic (F)
Have you wanted to climb a mountain for the first time? Campa is the easiest mountain to climb in the Cusco region so it’s perfect for your first time to climb a peak. The summit offers a spectacular panoramic view of the giant peaks of Ausangate and the Vilcanota range. Climbing Campa is also a cultural experience to see the alpaca herding village of Pacchanta in the high Andes. This village boasts hot thermal baths and clear views of the starry night.

Ausangate Half Circuit Trek (3 days 2 Nights)

Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights
Level: Beginner

This route is half of the Ausangate full circuit trek. Perfect if you want to see the these incredible mountains, but do not have time to do the full trek. Our shorter route takes you to the highlights of this trail and finishes at the village of Pacchanta. Enjoy the thermal baths at night, as the alpenglow fades on Ausangate and the stars of the milky way shine brightly.

Hikers on the Vilcanota Circuit Trek with Sky High AndesHikers on the Vilcanota Circuit Trek with Sky High Andes

Vilcanota Circuit Trek (7 days / 6 Nights)

Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights
Level: Beginner

On this rugged trek you explore deeply into the remote Vilcanota mountain range. Our trail circles the 20,000ft mountains anchoring the center of the range, instead of just Ausangate like the normal trek. This route is longer than the normal trek but better because we get far off the beaten path. You hike between the big glaciers of the range, and visit the most impressive lagoons: Sibinacocha and Singrenacocha. You will see vicuñas and many bird species that are not seen on the normal Ausangate trek. The Vilcanota Trek is similar to the Huayhuash Trek in length and beauty.

You can combine this trek with easy climbing peaks like Campa (5,500m) or Chumpe (6,110m).

Ausangate Trek (5 days / 4 Nights)

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Level: Beginner

Our five day trek around Ausangate (6,384m/20,939ft) takes you through turquoise lagoons and snow capped peaks of the Vilcanota mountain range. This is an authentic Andean experience because you will see the local Quechua Indians and their way of life as alpaca herders. Our compadre Luis Crispin lives in the picturesque village of Pacchanta, nestled at the foot of the high Andes mountains. His family is our team of locals who will take you with their horses on the trail. Another highlight of this route is to enjoy a bath in the the thermal springs at the start and the end of the trek. Don’t miss this timeless landscape!

This is the perfect opportunity to climb an easy summit! You can add on a climb of Campa peak, one of the easiest mountains to climb in Cusco!

Salkantay pass (4,650m)Salkantay pass (4,650m)

Salkantay – Santa Teresa – Machu Picchu Trek (5 Days / 4 Nights)

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Level: Beginner

Nevado Salkantay is the highest mountain close to Machu Picchu in the Vilcabamba mountain range. Since ancient times people hold this mountain sacred as a giver of life for the jungle below. This trail is great for your first time in altitude because the high pass on the trail, Salkantay pass (4,650m = 15,252ft) is relatively easy. After that the trail descends into the lower elevations of cloud forest. On this trek you will stay in comfortable cabins after hiking each day.

Inca Trail vs Salkantay Trek. The Salkantay trek is the most popular alternative trek to the Classic Inca Trail, with many groups going each day. But our opinion is that the Salkantay Ahobamba Trek is the best of them all.

Salkantay above Ahobamba valleySalkantay above Ahobamba valley

Salkantay – Ahobamba Trek (6 days 5 Nights)

Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights
Level: Beginner

The Salkantay Ahobamba Trek is for the stronger trekkers who want a more adventurous route to Machu Picchu. It passes the east side of Nevado Salkantay instead of the west like the normal Salkantay Trek. The route crosses two passes, one at Abra Inkachillaska (5,000mts) and the other at Abra Palqay (4,700m). The trail then descends into the wild Ahobamba Valley, where we have a cabin in a beautiful place above the jungle.  There are very few people who get to travel by this face of Salkantay with spectacular views; it offers the perfect way to avoid the crowds on the way to Machu Picchu.