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Day 1

Puerto Maldonado - Tambopata National Park

Arrival and reception by guide or transfer at the airport or bus station.
Transfer from the airport to our main office in town.
Upon arrival to Puerto Maldonado City, our Transfer or guide will welcome you and drive you for a few minutes to our office in town. After an orientation we will go to the canoe port.

We navigate down the Tambopata River for 5 minutes until the Madre de Dios River then 30 minutes journey down the river by motor canoe brings you to the entrance trail to Sandoval Lake.
The trail takes you on a 1.6 miles walk (2.5 kilometers) walk through a, former giant natural bamboo forest, habitat for monkeys, sloths and macaws. until we reach a small canal where we board our paddle-canoes, we paddle for 100 meters (nearly the same in yards) through a palm-forest swamp, with an abundance of “aguajes” (mauritia Palms) that provide the most popular fruit of the Peruvian rainforest, highly consume by locals as drinks and ice-creams.
Once onto the glass-like surface of the lake, we continue leisurely around the lake to the lodge.
A welcome drink and briefing from the lodge’s manager at the reception area of the lodge.

Before dinner depending on arrival time we set off to explore part of the lake, looking for monkeys or black cayman (black cayman are the biggest of the cayman and alligator family, the biggest one seen at the lake 6 meters long/20 feet so fur) in the flooded palm forest we can see hundreds of Red-bellied macaws as they return to roost. One the few species of macaws that live in flocks and mauritia palm swamps such the one at Sandoval Lake.
Dinner at the lodge.
We have the option of a night walk into the forest behind the lodge.

Day 2

Jungle Lodge

An early wake call and meeting at the lodges’ dining room to visit the lake for sunrise and a hopeful encounter with the friendly family of Giant Otters who are highly active at this time of the day, giant otters must eat an average of 8 pounds of fish a day.
Sandoval lake offers abundant wildlife including 6 species of monkeys, black caymans, over 40 species of birds, all 5 species of kingfisher of Peru, and the most abundant group of hoatzin. All the animals here are easy to photograph from the boats.
Return to the lodge for breakfast.
By mid-morning we set off into the jungle to see giant trees like the kapok and Brazil nut trees the two biggest trees of the Amazon, our guide will show you and demonstrate how we collect open and commercialize this extremely important product to our local economy.
We return midday to the lodge to have lunch.
A little rest in the bungalows or hummocks.
At evening we take our paddle-canoe and explore a different area of the lake in search of the different troops of monkeys, highly active at this time of the day, Brown Capuchin monkey and Squirrel monkey live in the forest near the lake.
Before dinner, we will again enjoy a nice night walk looking for the spooky tarantulas and snakes.

Day 3

Jungle Lodge

Early wake up to cross the lake by canoe and take a short hike along the main trail. 1 km down the trail there is a special place where every morning parrots, dozens of red-bellied macaws and blue and yellow macaws congregate to eat bark off trees, that have rich minerals,.

Returning from the parrot’s show we paddle around the lake spotting wildlife and return for breakfast.
After breakfast, we will cross the lake to explore an impressive floodplain primary forest and admire the impressive giant trees and lianas, some of them are strong enough to climb and swing.
We return to the lodge for lunch. Siesta time.
In the cooler afternoon, we will once explore the lake in search of the large troops of monkeys, to also experience a spectacular sunset.
Optional excursion upon coordination with your guide.

Day 4

Return to Puerto Maldonado

Departure back to Puerto Maldonado after breakfast.

  • Entrance fee to the Sandoval lake reserve
  • All meals from lunch first day to breakfast on last day
  • Natural Wildlife Guide
  • transfer in an out from airport bus station or hotel
  • All boat transportation on river and lakes
  • Assistance 24 h
  • Wildlife watching tours
  • Drinks at Bar
  • Tips
  • clothing for trekking and rain
  • waterproof hiking boots
  • headlamp
  • backpack (25 -30 liters)
  • duffel bag
  • sunglasses
  • repellent
  • sunscreen

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