Nathan Heald

Founder, Mountain Guide / Official Tourism Guide
Like most people who come to Peru to climb mountains I started in the Cordillera Blanca in 2008. The same year I had trekked below Salkantay on the way to Machu Picchu and was captivated by the great mountain, little did I know that our destinies would be entwined a few years later… While planning an expedition to Ausangate in 2010, I was surprised to see that in Cusco there was no mountaineering culture like in the Cordillera Blanca where I had climbed for a few seasons. The ranges of Cusco felt different, more adventurous, like they extended into timeless, forgotten places at the ends of the earth and the amazon. Legends of the Apus (Mountain Gods) descended from ancient times giving the people a more mystical view in respect to the mountains. There were ranges of high peaks with nobody climbing them and I heard the calling. Since 2011 our team has pioneered trekking, mountaineering and Mountain Tourism in the Cusco region. While exploring the ranges of Cusco, climbing many new routes and first ascents, I have amassed the most experienced guiding and climbing curriculum in the history of the area (see principal climbs below). I am well known in Cusco as the Guide who has climbed Mount Ausangate the most (12 times) and the only guide to climb Mount Salkantay since 1988, which I have now climbed 5 times. I also guide and climb in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash and the volcanoes of Arequipa, where I have made the summits of some of the most difficult mountains in Peru and the entire Andes: Yerupaja, Huantsan, Huandoy and Siula Grande. Our climbs have been featured in news outlets like “Barrabes”, “Desnivel” and the prestigious American Alpine Journal 2014 - 2019. In October of 2019, after a 5-year quest, I became the first person in history to climb the 10 highest mountains in Peru: Huascaran, Yerupaja, Coropuna, Huandoy, Ausangate, Huantsan, Siula Grande, Chopicalqui, Ampato and Salkantay. I am from the USA, where I discovered my love for the mountains in the rockies of Colorado and sierras of California. In Peru I met my wife Kerly in 2009 and since then we happily share our time between countries. My wife Kerly and I, work with local families who live in the areas we visit, so we may give our guests an authentic experience far away from the crowds and popular trails. If you want to get off the tourist trails and have a real mountain experience in Peru, let us know well in advance!