All reservations and confirmations are to be made by email. We are a small, flexible, highly skilled team that operates custom tours, not plastic wrapped tours like other agencies with fixed departure dates, that pool you with other people in larger groups. Therefore, the details of each trip will be unique to your tour and need to be reviewed and confirmed by us in writing.


To reserve our services requires a deposit of 50% of the total price of the trip. This deposit is to reserve your guides team and secure availability for your time frame, also to buy any Machu Picchu tickets or other tickets that need to be reserved in advance. The deposit can be made by bank transfer, direct teller deposit, check or western union.

The remaining balance can be paid upon your arrival or during the briefing for your trip.


We reserve the right to cancel or change any trip itinerary due to problems that are out of our control such as road conditions, travel restrictions, political instability or severe weather. We also reserve the right to cancel or modify any trip itinerary due to client unsuitability because of age, ill health, poor fitness, intoxication etc. If a client cannot do the itinerary scheduled because of these reasons we will do our best to change the itinerary to something more adequate while staying within budget.
Any modified or canceled itineraries due to the above listed incidences (extreme weather conditions, political climate, client unsuitability, etc,) will not be refunded.


If you wish to change the itinerary or date of departure, or postpone the service within 2 months of the scheduled start date, it will be subject to availability and you may have to pay additionally for expenses incurred to make these changes. If you wish to postpone and it is outside of 2 months from the start date, we can save your deposit for a tour on a later date. If you postpone a Machu Picchu related tour, that requires Machu Picchu entrance tickets, train tickets, etc. you will have to pay %20 of the trip cost in order to get new tickets.


1.  All 50% deposits needed for the confirmation of any tour, are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

2.  Full payment is required before the start date of the tour. Failure to pay the balance before the start date can result in cancellation of your tour.

3.  Last minute cancellations as a result of illness or any other reason, after paying the final balance will not be refunded.

4.  In case of sickness or injury while on the tour, extra emergency costs for transportation, evacuation, etc. are not included.

5.  In case of delayed arrivals (due to delayed flights, buses etc.), we assume no responsibility for missed tour departures. We will do our best to accommodate and make modifications but all additional costs for such modifications will not be included in the original tour price.

MEDICAL and Liability RELEASE / Waiver

We require that all clients sign a liability release waiver acknowledging the risks and hazards you will be exposed to and accepting all responsibility for going into these environments. You will need to disclose any pertinent medical information that allows us to reduce the risk to your person so we can safely manage any situation while on tour.


For your protection, we recommend that you buy travel insurance. Travel insurance provides you with trip cancellation or interruption refunds, travel delay, medical expenses, emergency assistance, baggage and baggage delay coverage to protect your trip investment.


SKY HIGH ANDES LLC is owned and operated by Nathan and Kerly Heald. Our business address is in Florida, USA – 33896.



Mountaineering is an inherently dangerous activity. There are many unpredictable factors that cannot be controlled and a climber assumes the risk entirely upon themselves of being in this environment. These objective dangers may include bad weather, rock/ice fall, avalanches, altitude problems or other intangible dangers that can present themselves in the course of a mountaineering expedition. Some people with less mountain experience overestimate their abilities and may have a wrong concept of the role of a mountain guide. A guide in a mountain environment is there to lead you to the summit if your ability allows, while mitigating risk in a risky environment. There are no helicopter rescues here. We are often in remote places where the best chance of a rescue or evacuation is dependent on the team you have with you. This is why we work with people from the area, who can provide the quickest means to get us out if need be.

If you are not prepared to face these factors and accept them then it is probably best you go do a conventional tour with the rest of the tourists. Every climber/trekker should have traveler insurance from their home country. In the case of any accident we work with a couple emergency clinics here in Cusco who accept this insurance.

This being said, there are many tours we offer that have relative minimal risk where we can guarantee success like trekking or easier mountains. Harder mountains are filled with intangible factors that any experienced climber understands and accepts. Any person using our services will be required to sign a liability release form accepting responsibility for any eventuality.